The 10 Best, Essential and Free SEO Tools to Meet Your Goals

The 10 Best, Essential and Free SEO Tools to Meet Your Goals

Incorporating an SEO positioning strategy into your online marketing campaign will help us drive traffic to our website, achieve better positioning, optimize the performance of our content marketing strategy and increase the impressions of our company or brand on the internet.

You need very detailed planning of the SEO strategy to follow to get those who are looking for your brand, company, product or content to find it.

With these ten basic applications for SEO positioning, you can take full advantage of your strategy and SEO Services in Noida and you will receive a lot of help to meet your goals.

  1. Semrush

The 10 Best, Essential and Free SEO Tools to Meet Your Goals

With this application, we just have to enter the domain we want to examine and it shows us a list of our keywords and our competitors. We can take advantage of all these keywords to achieve better content and improve our SEO positioning accordingly.

2. Google Analytics

The 10 Best, Essential and Free SEO Tools to Meet Your Goals

This tool is one of the essentials. It will allow us, among many other things, to monitor the users of the web, analyze the content, the flow of users, the duration of the visits, the origin of the traffic (acquisition), etc. It is also very easy to install on our website.

3. Google Trends

Basic utility to know the search trends at present or in a past period. It is possible to add keywords to know your search statistics and to be able to make comparisons with other terms.

4. Image SEO Tool

The image has become an increasingly relevant element in websites, online stores, and blogs. Image SEO Tool, just by entering the image address, shows us its alt attribute, its title, and its size.

5. SiteLiner

The 10 Best, Essential and Free SEO Tools to Meet Your Goals

Simple application but powerful as information. It allows us to know if we have duplicate content and in what percentage, analyze the internal links of the web, locate broken links that can give an error, etc. In its free version, we can analyze up to 250 pages of the same site.

6. Seo-Browser

A somewhat advanced tool that helps us to better understand the components of our website. It shows us the same as the famous Google robots see it. It is free but requires an advanced level of knowledge to take advantage of it.

7. Google Webmaster Tool

Advanced tool for website administration. We can obtain it very relevant information that would otherwise not be within our reach. It allows the sending of sitemaps, analysis of search traffic, the configuration of several sites in the same account, reporting, domain health, etc.Together with Analytics, it is essential.

8. Woorank

The 10 Best, Essential and Free SEO Tools to Meet Your Goals

This tool, in addition to making a diagnosis, provides practical advice so that the positioning of our website is much better. Depending on the results of the analysis, it gives us a score and advises us to optimize our SEO strategy. This tool has paid version and free version.

9. Google Pagespeed

It offers invaluable information on any aspect that may contribute to the increase in the speed of our website. The information appears schematically grouped so that it is more accessible to the web administrator.

10. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

One of the most powerful tools to perform an ON PAGE analysis of a website, and one of the main tools in the arsenal of an SEO consultant. Screaming Frog collects data such as: crawling and indexing errors, redirects, number of external links, landing pages, file sizes, meta robots, depth of page levels, ALT texts. Although it is not completely free, its free trial version allows the tracking of up to 500 URLs, so to start on a not very large project this tool is essential. With these free SEO tools, you can start working on the optimization proposals of a website in a simple and accessible way and, above all, without ruining the process.

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