11 Fun Way to Lose Weight After the Holidays


After the holidays, many people are unsatisfied with the gained weight. Our paper editing service essay-editor.net along with their professional essay editor Melisa Marzett claims that even brave girls, risking weighing, are horrified and understand that they urgently need to get rid of the eaten extra calories. Unfortunately, pounds gained during holidays can linger for a long time, and unhealthy food eaten at the festive table contributes to fluid retention, the toxin accumulation, and the development of cellulite. Therefore, if you do not try to get rid of excess calories, this will lead to an increase in lean body weight.

11 unexpected and funny ways to get rid of unwanted holiday pounds

1. Choose water first

The habit of drinking water during the day instead of sweet juices, coffee, or alcohol helps reduce daily calorie intake by several hundred! This means that if you start training an hour less each day, bodyweight remains unchanged. But if you continue your regular workouts in addition to drinking plain water, you should start to lose weight pretty quickly.

After the holidays, you must say no to alcohol. Even small doses of alcohol will nullify all your efforts. It is important for the body to get plenty of fluids. The more fluid, the better. The necessary body norm is 1.5-2 liters of pure water. In the morning, drink a glass of warm water with lemon 20-30 minutes before breakfast, so you will accelerate your metabolism.

2. Paint the walls blue

You can lose an average of 200 to 1000 calories by simply repainting one room in your home – depending on the size of the room and the level of work intensity. But why blue? Studies have shown that blue suppresses appetite. Now you know why there are so few restaurants in the world where the walls are painted blue…

3. Eat-in front of the mirror

We know, this sounds like a joke, but people really eat less if they see themselves while eating. The best solution is obviously to hang a mirror on the wall opposite your kitchen, but if this is not possible, you can always get it out of the makeup bag.

4. Lock the doors to the kitchen after 7 PM

Late dinner is the worst choice for those who want to keep their figure under control. But one solution is not to eat in the evenings is often not enough, because people are easily tempted. That’s why it might be a good idea to just lock the kitchen after 7pm …

5. More life in public life

Another fun idea that can help you deal with the effects of holiday overeating is to change the way you hang out with friends or family. Such meetings are usually held in the format of a conversation over a cup of coffee, a glass of beer, or dinner in a restaurant. If you make your social events more active – for example, go camping or for a walk, play tennis, etc. you can easily lose a few pounds every month.

6. Do not forget to brush your teeth regularly

You may ask how tooth brushing is related to a slim figure? In fact, in a tight manner! According to research, after brushing our teeth after eating, we stop thinking about it and extend the period of time before we get hungry again. Accustomed to brushing your teeth regularly, you kill two birds with one stone – follow the oral hygiene and reduce the risk of overeating.

7. Sniff food if you are hungry

Sniffing food makes you hungry, right? No, as it turned out! Studies have shown that people who regularly sniff food when they want to eat, on average, are more successful in losing weight. Are you hungry? Just sniff a banana or apple for a few seconds, but don’t eat.

8. Keep a food diary

Keeping a culinary diary is what nutritionists often advise their clients. Why? Because writing down everything that you ate, you will definitely want to eat less in the future. This is a very simple trick that only requires a pen and a piece of paper, but it really works!

9. Eat slowly

So you can truly enjoy the taste of the dishes, which in itself is pleasant. But in addition, you can get rid of excess weight that gained during the holidays. How? The fact is that if you eat slowly, you give the body time to digest food and stop when enough is eaten, thereby preventing overeating. An easy way to make yourself eat slower is to put a fork or spoon on the table after each presentation to your mouth. Of course, this may look a little strange, but it will help you get back in shape after the holidays.

10. Take smaller plates

More is not always better! Especially when it comes to plates. The larger the plate, the larger portions you will begin to lay, and the more you eat in the end. Make yourself a special Christmas gift – buy new smaller plates!

11. Smile

That’s right, the habit of smiling often can help you lose weight. A smile makes us happy, and a feeling of happiness has a beneficial effect on digestion. Let us have a nice smile, shall we?

Nobody’s canceled physical activity

If you regularly work out in the gym, but still gained extra weight during the holidays, you should increase the training intensity by 30%. If you haven’t practiced before, it’s worth starting. Ordinary morning exercises before breakfast will help to tone the muscles and get rid of excess calories after the holidays. Add running and jumping rope to your workouts, such cardio training is the best way to lose weight. Also, you can not do without power loads: do strength training for 30 minutes a day for the best effect. Keep in mind that it is the muscles that burn more calories. The most effective way to get rid of excess calories gained during the holidays is the alternation of power and cardio loads.

Massages, body wraps and a bath will help to tidy the skin after getting rid of the “holiday” pounds. But use these methods in the process of losing weight.


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