Why Should we get a Mobile Dental X-ray

Why Should we get a Mobile Dental X-ray

The aim of the dentists remains to provide the best possible facilities to the patients. However, a visual examination may sometimes not show the complete picture. There are areas within the mouth that are inaccessible for thorough check-ups. In that case, mobile dental X-rays can be quite helpful.

This equipment can help the dentist diagnose an issue earlier than in the case of a visual check-up. Hence, it facilitates in assuring timely treatment of dental problems and accurate prescription. With the sharpness of the dental X-ray, the result will be so that it helps the dentist analyze the complete picture and state of your dental health. Being a departure from the traditional X-ray machines, mobile dental X-rays are relatively new and much more efficient. Let us read further to know more about it.

What is a mobile dental X-ray?

It refers to dental X-ray equipment, which runs on a battery. It is portable and comes into use when the dentists seek to do a thorough check-up of the patient’s oral health. In the field of dentistry, mobile devices provide for the taking of intraoral photographs. As per a study, the current machines resemble that of a photographic camera.

The latest batch of mobile dental X-ray machines typically emits less dose rate, which includes current, filtration, waveform, and cone length. However, the protective gear on the device is imperative as the operator holds it near the body of the patient. Since the equipment requires expertise when it comes to its operations, only professionals with the necessary certifications and licenses should operate it.


Also known as radiographs, X-rays provide the dentist with the ability to examine the teeth inside out. It also helps assess the tip of the roots and the bone beneath the gums. This area is generally not visible to the naked eye, no matter the expertise of the dentist. Hence, mobile dental X-rays can be highly beneficial for patients in the diagnosis of an isolated issue. This makes it vital for routine examinations of dental health as well.

As per a study by the Academy of General Dentistry, the X-rays facilitate the dentists in tracing any form of a cyst, abscess, and the presence of other masses within the interiors of the gum. Besides, it also helps diagnose the exact extent of decay and cavities in the teeth. Due to its ability to provide in-depth analysis, the patients suffering from periodontal disease can also find out the extent of bone loss beneath the gums for proper treatment.

Why Should we get a Mobile Dental X-ray

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Types of X-rays

There are generally five types of equipment available for the perusal of the dentist when it comes to X-rays. The dentist chooses the type, keeping in mind the necessity of the situation.


Its use commonly arises when the dentist intends to perform a routine examination of the dental health of the patient. It is adept enough to provide a good look of the crown portions of the teeth to the dentist. To catch early signs of tooth decay and cavities, the bitewing X-rays can be highly helpful.


When the dentist deems it essential to examine the teeth bone or the root tips of the patient, periapical X-rays help provide the necessary assessment.


It comes into use when the dentist requires to see the entire oral cavity of the patient. According to the Radiological Society of North America, it provides the image of the dental structure on a large X-ray and is taken from outside the mouth. It can offer a broad picture of the upper jaw, lower jaw, teeth, and sinus areas. Thus, it can help diagnose dental problems such as impaction, tumours, bone irregularities, jaw disorders, cysts, and abscesses.

Why Should we get a Mobile Dental X-ray

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A panoramic X-ray machine consists of an X-ray tube and an X-ray film on the other side. The patient needs to position his/her chin on a stand with the head put still and the forehead resting. The dentist may provide the patient with a bite blocker to ensure a clearer picture with the mouth wide open.


This X-ray comes into use specifically for the requirement of the children. It helps in the evaluation of their developing teeth.


Cephalometric is useful for scanning the teeth to plan the treatment. Orthodontists use this as a way to ascertain the problem and find solutions accordingly.

Since every patient that visits the dentist for a check-up has different reasons, the recommendation of a suitable X-ray varies. The dentists may visually check the dental condition to suggest the one they deem appropriate. For the new patients, the dentist may suggest a panoramic image to assess oral health completely and gauge necessary actions. Once they get an idea, the dentists shift to X-rays of lesser magnitude to specify the problem.

Safety provision

The design of the X-ray machines and other radiographs is such that they emit low radiation. This makes it safe for the patients to undergo the processes with safety. The minimal exposure to radiation makes the use of X-rays harmless for the patients. Moreover, the X-rays machines come with the necessary protection.

They come with a lead apron that protects the abdominal area and covers the thyroid. This apron protects the body from the radiation exposure of the equipment. As a safety principle, the dentist may guide you to remove your jewelry from the area under consideration. They may also seek from the patients to remove any metal object or eyeglasses to get a better insight.

Why Should we get a Mobile Dental X-ray

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However, it is best to inform your doctor if you are pregnant or in the stage of breastfeeding. It is not safe to expose the fetus to radiation. An early intimation to the dentist will allow them to take the necessary precautions, despite the machines being safe structurally.

The mobile X-ray equipment produces images that facilitate disease management. It is also adjustable in terms of brightness and darkness, thereby allowing the complete visualization of tissues, bones, and structure of the teeth.

According to a study, no radiation remains in the body of the patient after the X-ray through this procedure. Besides, they usually have negligible side effects. The safe procedure makes it viable for the use by children as well. Considering how useful and safe mobile X-rays are, dentists recommend its use for a comprehensive examination of the oral health of the patient.

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