8 Design And Décor Ideas For Your Bespoke Conservatory

Conservatories are wonderful spaces for soaking up the sun, enjoying views of the garden, or for escaping to when chaos reigns throughout the rest of your home! If you choose a bespoke conservatory to help give you more usable space and provide you with somewhere to relax and unwind in, you might want to consider the following 8 design and décor ideas:

  • Think carefully about how your conservatory is oriented

While you can of course chat to a company who install them about the best position for your conservatory, it’s worth knowing that those that face south and west, will be much warmer during the day, but as a result, may need adequate ventilation when the mercury rises. Conservatories facing north and east, will be more susceptible to the cold when the temperature outside drops. 

  • Go Gothic!

While this doesn’t have to say anything more about you other than that you have style and don’t want a boring, bland looking conservatory, stained glass windows in a design of your choice, can add a certain element of Gothic interest and uniqueness to a conservatory. Don’t want to go gothic but still want to be unique? Try adding bespoke wooden windows and reap their many other benefits. 

  • Go wild!

Trailing plants and baskets hung from the ceiling can serve to add height to a conservatory, and if you really love plants and want to recreate a jungle or wild garden effect, you can go to town and add plants all over the space, including as table centrepieces.

  • Add a suspended chair

Not only are chairs such as hanging eggs comfortable to lounge around in (or hang around in!), but they can be great for space-saving in a smaller conservatory, too. For the ultimate retro, hippy-style effect, add some palm trees (the size will depend on the dimensions of your conservatory) and cacti!

  • Get cooking!

Because conservatories are light and airy spaces, they are the perfect place for cooking and dining in, and with a little effort, you can easily have a small kitchen installed in your conservatory. In the summer, with the doors thrown open and the birds chirping away in the background, it would be the ideal space for lighting up a BBQ, without having to worry about summer storms ruining the party!

  • Add a wood-burner or gas stove

Conservatories are fantastic for use during the colder winter months, especially if you invest in a wood-burning stove, or a gas one. Make the space cozy and inviting for you, family, friends and other guests to enjoy, even in the depths of winter, as you gaze out on a snowy scene.

  • Go from indoors to out with creative tiling

If you choose to use the same tiling effect in your conservatory as you do in your garden, you can create a seamless and aesthetically pleasing transition from inside to out, which has the added benefit of creating the illusion of a much bigger landscape, no matter how small your garden may be.

  • Make a smart decision about glazing

Talk to your conservatory installer about which type of glass you should choose, and if you’re concerned about creating the least impact on the environment, you could opt for low e-glass that is covered with a low-emissivity coating, helping to reflect heat and reduce its transfer. There are other types of coated glass available, too.  

With these 8 great ideas, you can turn your bespoke conservatory into a stylish, eco-friendly space that can be used comfortably, all year round.

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